the forest calls and the body responds with atavistic vigour

Think of the forest as an intelligent hyper-organism, with a vast network of collective consciousness that it is able to tap into and utilise in order to achieve an outcome. Unlike herd-cattle or hivemind organisms, the inhabitants of the forest are not subjected to constant subjugation, physical-mental control or tasked to act on instinct alone. But rather, the inhabitants act upon choice and rational-emotional responses.

The word- inhabitant, is critical here. Inhabitants may choose to stay or leave, they are not bound by blood or contract. Migratory birds, come and go as they please but return to the same location, year after year, to court, mate and reproduce. They are driven by rational instincts, emotional responses or memories. They see the forest as a place of safety, where the next generation might evolve and thrive. Inhabitants are not obligated to the forest, they exist in a state of mutual benefit for all parties.

Humans inhabit the forest but in an unnatural way. As much as we long to be part of the forest, we are driven by something more, we can and will destroy our habitats by embracing technology and overreaching advancements.